What To Expect On The “X Album” by Preachers


Over the weekend, Preachers have started hinting the general public as to what the upcoming X Album shall entail. Till date, we have 3 hints released by Preachers via their social media handles. The number of hints expected cannot be determined; but as and when new hints are released, this post shall be updated to match up. Straight up, let’s look into these hints.

Hint 1

Emmanuel Smith

The first hint was released on Friday mentioning Emmanuel Smith as an expectant on the album. Emmanuel Smith of The Voice UK fame is 29, a Ghanaian living in the UK for almost all those years. He performed ‘Hallelujah’ during auditions for The Voice UK; got all four couches hitting their buzzers. We can have nothing lesser than a higher expectation as he lights up “Never Leave” with a delightful chorus.

Hint 2


How do I even introduce KODA? He’s a prince; our pride; a master of the ministry. It was hinted on Saturday that he is also on the ‘X Album’.

Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, or KODA, is a Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist from Takoradi. He has played, performed and ministered on all major platform you can ever imagine. His song Hossana is almost a national anthem. On the ‘X Album’, expect to hear him on “No One”.

Hint 3

Yaw Siki

Yaw Siki is also on the ‘X Album’. Evangelist Yaw Siki can be described as a chosen child of God. Surprisingly, if you have never heard, he forfeited everything to work for God even when he was at his peak as a secular artiste; with more hit songs. Ever since then, he has never turned back to look at the luxuries and fame he had back then; when people thought his conversion is a one day wonder.

His authority over rap shall be rejuvenated on the song; ‘Agape Love’ on the ‘X Album”. Preachers ticks the song as one of the best hip-hop tracks on the album.

Hint 4

Nat Abbey

Nat Abbey is also on the ‘X Album’; hint released Monday, 16th September, 2019. With 16 years experience in Praise and Worship; and 8 years in the music industry, ears are itchy to have his share on ‘Said It’, a master tune spiced with a perfect blend of HipHop and Raggae Dancehall.

Nat Abbey on Towdah Records released “Only You” album this year, on January 7th; which has 10 tracks.

Hint 5

Yongrush, Belac 360, Tresh, Ighteous and Yayra Deh

This is going to be the tune everyone must look out for on the ‘X Album’. “In The Name” features Belac 360, Yongrush, Tresh, Ighteous and Yayra Deh. Individual artiste needs no intro. Let’s just wait for the release; then we shall have more to talk about.

Over a period of time, after preachers announced to release the ‘X Album’ to honor the celebration of ten years in ministry, we have also tried hard to keep you informed of every step taken or initiated. The release date is not yet out; though it’s going to be this September. Aside waiting, what you can do else is to order for one of beautifully designed T Shirt for the ‘X Album’ by contacting 0546641224.



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