#ThrowbackThursday: 5 favorite tunes by Jfreezy


Today is Thursday. Let’s throw back a bit. Do you remember Jfreezy? Yehza; that dude was real. It has been ages we got a release from him. That guy when on a microphone; got the speed of a Frigate Bird. Well, I am always in touch with him; glory be to God he is doing very well. He is getting back to the lime light very soon; and for good. Currently, he is working to release an album sooner.

But what do you remember about him? Which of his songs were your favorite. I have picked my five favorite I want to share with you now. I shall add a streaming link and download link.

  1. Gospel Kawai[Ft DJ Rex]

Gospel Kawai was published on ChristMeal.com on January 24, 2018. Till date, it has received much attention and thumps from fans and Christians all over the world for what it is made up of. The title “Gospel Kawai” simply mean “Just the Gospel”.

Back then, he stated that; “Why will God bless me with a gift, then I use it for the glory of the devil? God forbid!!! That is why I told myself that, I won’t see music (singing/rapping) as a source of income; so doing, I won’t be disappointed. I will only see it as part of my work for my Maker”

Stream here:

Quickly, these are the remaining favorites to add up and make it 5. Click on ‘DOWNLOAD HERE’ next to the title to be able to visit the download page and download. You shall love them.

  1. 12 Bars (Freestyle) – [DOWNLOAD HERE]
  2. GKB (God Knows Better) – [DOWNLOAD HERE]
  3. Bawo – [DOWNLOAD HERE]
  4. Alive With Christ – [DOWNLOAD HERE]


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