The Review: Amplified Mega Virtual Concert by Kingzkid – ‘Total Flop’


Urban Gospel just like every other music genre is expected to have some hitches as it rises; it’s up to soldiers or front liners to stand firm to push the agenda; so it materializes.

With the best moment ever, I must say; so many people have put up great effort to duplicate such a moment in Ghana. Resources, time, space, dedication and all that has been invested over time. Sorry I can’t mention names; even that; ‘La Urban Gospel Meme Gang’ shall come at me if they fall short of that.

But I must also add that, if anyone sits on any platform to portray as if all is well; and that the genre/movement is performing better; and that, there is so much success stories; ‘si no wooooo’; see the fellow as a hypocrite. You don’t pamper wounds if you have them; you treat them; irrespective of how painful it might be! Urban Gospel in Ghana has so many partitions; everyone is struggling to form a clan, make an impact; and, or claim ownership.

I should again add; I’m not writing to apprise any one; and not to make another one feel bitter. Look, until we are corrected, we might never know our wrongs. There are so many issues with the movement this moment, I shall remain focused on my day’s subject; though might push in few stuffs.

This particular writing is meant to critique “Amplified Mega Virtual Concert” by Kingzkid; which happened Saturday night.

A quick background; this particular show is not new to anyone who loves Urban Gospel. And of course, you can never love Urban Gospel without knowing Kingzkid. Over the years, he has proved to be more focus with the movement; and his output has remained on a priority status. Yeah; very focus; and delivering. At least, his mum and Uncle testified about this in a profile video played on the show yesterday.

What makes Saturday night’s show different is; it was carried virtually. At least, it’s the norm now. Everyone understands.

On record, Saturday night’s show was actually meant for October 3rd, 2020. For the reason why it was postponed the very last minute to last Saturday, I have no idea. I have not checked; I can’t testify if Kingzkid; or someone else from his team made any explanation to the public as to why it happened so. Let’s put that aside for now.

So Saturday night, On Twitter, I took time to make a few tweets during the ‘show time’. Yesterday, I made a comment on a post by Vincent Buqs Teye (Vbuqs) on Facebook. So people are interested to know why I tagged the show as ‘total flop’.

New poster for Amlified Mega Virtual Concert after postponing to Oct 10, 2020

Everyone was duly informed the show shall start exactly 8:00pm; see oooo; ending time was even added. It was to end at 10:00pm. Good!

Again, on the poster and during the promo, we were informed that, this time, the ‘Amplified Mega Virtual Concert’ shall be online; and streamed ‘only’ on YouTube. As usual, everyone was enticed to subscribe to ‘KINGZKID’ YouTube channel to partake in the concert.

So quickly, even before 7:50pm, I was on the channel patrolling; expecting to see a countdown to the show; or a sign of anyone.

Hold and behold, there was a 26 seconds stream with the artwork of the show as background. I said just 26 seconds. It got deleted. Fast forward, there were three other streaming attempts, the second lasted for 13 seconds, and the third, for 36 seconds and the fourth was a waiting notification; which never took off. All those attempts also got deleted. These happened between 7:50pm and 9:40pm.

I had so much patience to wait because it was promoted to end at 10pm. I was still up on the YouTube channel; kept refreshing and refreshing till it was about 9:40pm. Then a notification came on the phone that streaming had begun on Instagram. Quickly I jumped to Instagram; and very true; the streaming had begun there.

You might be in need of why I tagged it as ‘total flop’. It’s also reasonable I make all these stuffs known so you get the drift. Now let’s get to my view of the show.

Can I keep these in caps? Let me do so you hear me well…


Let me explain:

As to the measure the world weighs Kingzkid; how large he is; his pedigree; and the kind of success stories he has made for himself; don’t mess yourself up defending why his show comes off one hour, forty minutes late. This is never acceptable. There is no excuse or whatsoever to entertain as to why the show was late; for good hundred minutes. Funny enough, handlers of his YouTube account reference him as ‘World Renowned International Gospel Artiste. Look at that! So please, let’s use that measure to make his output.

Image Source: Google

Again, on the poster, it was bold; the show is ending exactly 10:00pm. Yezaaa; that’s what it is. That’s a good job; to be very definite with the time your show starts and ends. As in, producing a live show; with performances; and ending on time? I knew it was the old Viasat 1 television station, which produces News and ends just on the very second; so was expecting a wowwww from the team behind this show.

But, ‘it ended in tears’ for me. As at 10:00pm, we were just on the first performance switching to the second.

Reading this, you should know I insisted on the time and did not go beyond it. Everything that happened thereafter I’ve no clue. So I insisted; 8:00pm to 10:00pm was the deal. So my review or critique is limited to just 8:00pm to 10:00pm. You can agree or disagree.

  1. So the first is; time factor. I have mentioned this earlier. The event was late for hundred minutes which should have not been the case. Technically, just twenty minutes remaining. And till this very moment, no one from the camp has come out to explain what really happened and further apologize for such a bad experience Saturday night. Everyone expects it to be swept under the carpet; then we usher praises; because, at least a platform was created; up and coming artistes got the opportunity to showcase what they’ve got; subject for another day.

I mentioned earlier, there were several attempts to go live on YouTube but failed. The explanation so far; YouTube account was blocked. You see; the Kingzkid is taking us; I mean his fans and the general public for granted. This can never be a reason. It’s 100% improper preparation for the show. That’s it. If YouTube account was blocked, how could there be four attempts to go live?

Is it not a violation that got the account block aftermath; after those four attempts? Come clean with proper statements; than make it look like the devil was at work against the show.

The fact is, no one on the team saw this coming. Everyone thought it’s ABC as usual until issues started showing up when time was almost due to go live. Four attempts to go live for about 100 minutes suggest everyone available that very moment was brought to deck to help fix whichever issue confronting them. But of course, this is science and its technology; when frustration comes in, look; you shall flop big time. Just see how easy and quickly it was for the team to go live on Instagram; which was very easy for them. Again, that shows YouTube preparation was inadequate.

  • Next, let’s discuss the video output; as seen on Instagram. It was bad, worse, worst. You know why? The show was meant for just YouTube and YouTube only. Every ‘inadequate’ preparation that was made was just for YouTube. Now the pressure: unable to go live on YouTube for hundred minutes and mind you; it’s a postponed show; it’s gonna get even more dirty if it should be postponed again. ‘So guys, we need to save the day’.  Quickly to Instagram Live.

I guess in pre-production and setting up; video resolution and every other details were targeted for YouTube views. So going for 1080p or 2160p; or for 30fps or 60fps; and any bitrate was solely considered for YouTube. Here you are; unable to go live on YouTube; opting for Instagram. Tell me if any of those YouTube settings shall fit for Instagram Live? You see why it’s a flop show? You have a live streaming showing just one third of the output of a screen resolution; meaning two thirds was cut off; you think I should overlook that and rather congratulate?

  • For the performances, I watched the very first; Edem Evangelist; and the second, Israel Stone; just when the third started; it was time. It was past 10:00pm so I had to finish watching.

From the two performances, what I saw, the sequence; and how I felt, it was more of a pre-recoded show than a live one. Relax and read well; I’m saying it looked more like a pre-recorded show than a live one. It can be true or not. You may also agree or disagree; that’s how I felt. Personally, I don’t believe it was pre-recorded, but I can also choose to believe so; I have a reason for that.

Just like the Urban Gospel Virtual Concert; of course; same template; as this was also captured from the studio of CeeJay Multimedia; the AMPLIFIED MEGA VIRTUAL CONCERT was more of a pause, play, next stuff. I’m not convinced of my own assertion because; it looked real; as in; what was shown during the stream had the night flavour. I agree pre-recorded could have been captured at night too. It could be live or not; till 10:00pm; all I saw was the pause, play and next stuff.

Again, whiles I try hard to believe it was live; could you imagine as the DJ; JaySmoke was playing for Edem Evangelist (so I’m told; I couldn’t see him in video; others mentioned they saw him pass in the live stream in the comment section); and I could hear him scratching hard; as in, his hands on deck scratching; he was again commenting in the comment section on the live stream. I may be wrong; maybe it was an account with a similar username; or someone else handling his phone. Others mentioned seeing him ‘passing’ on screen in the comment section. I don’t know what all these mean; but kind of weird.  

Well, even if he was the same person playing; and same commenting, he might be having more free time to do all that at a time; it could be. So I’m not even stressing about this.

I also don’t know how much support came from CeeJay Multimedia to this show. Maybe they just offered the space; Kingzkid and his team did their own production or something. Clearly, CeeJay was out of the equation.

This is why: CeeJay Multimedia over this period have hosted few events that I know of. I remember the Urban Gospel Virtual Concert, there was one beauty pageant, I think ‘Face of Faith Ghana 2020’; and another with Minister Kofi Otchere (Worshippers Summit 5). The first season of PRAIZ KIDZ just ended early this month. I watch more of them live. Go to their YouTube channel and check the number of videos that were streamed live for PRAIZ KIDZ. Almost All episode went live.

So with CeeJay Multimedia; they have the record; they have delivered all this while. I can’t tell of the negotiations and agreements; but clearly, they might have not had their hand in this production. Or else, preparation on their part was bad.

Quickly, let me add this. At about 11:30pm thereabout, I got another notification from a friend on Instagram to join the feed. I joined again. Then, Kingzkid on live on stage performing. I did not spend up to 90 seconds, then I left after taking 2 screenshots.

But as I mentioned; I observed just from 8:00pm to 10:00pm; some other stuffs that happened there after; I have no idea. What I’m very sure of is, the one third of the video resolution output that was visible on Instagram did not change; it was as such till the end of the event.

I know people are waiting and willing to rebut everything I said here. It’s welcome in good faith; at least, to shape the movement.

I expect such people to also first state the reason for the earlier postponement; and explain the reason for being late for 100 minutes; then any other issue they have with this write-up can follow suit.

For Kingzkid’s profile, the mum did well; the founding member of Eddy’s Pizza did the same; but more by the Uncle; yeh I think; and the advice he gave; Kingzkid needs to find a fine woman and marry. Putting that on record after editing and still got aired; I won’t be surprised it happens before the year ends; or very early next year.

Did you just ask if I saw nothing good from what happened? Oh yes, I did. I just mentioned one. But you know, this write-up is to throw light at dark spots. Get it. Good ones might come another day.

Peace; shalom!

In Loving Memory of colleague blogger; George Mensah; aka The Tallest Blogger. George; rest well!!!



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