Scott Evans to address #iGiveUp misconception tomorrow with a release


For weeks, the urban gospel fraternity; or gospel music in general and to a large extent, the Christian community have got more shakes than expected. People in various level have raised genuine concerns about what seems to them to be hindrance to God’s word or propagation of the gospel.

The Church; a purpose home for the disoriented rather repel the weak in our society. People have spilled out heart touching incidence which to an extent; must drive them out of the door. And of course, evidence available proves a good number of people who were for the Church are already out.  

Gospel artiste Scott Evans’ recent outcry has been a major concern. He said everything; very hurting. The treats, backbiting, sidelining, and more. We won’t bring back most of those words. They were heart breaking. Then, he tagged his series of outcry #iGiveUp

We have been duly informed that, Scott Evans shall take time of tomorrow; Friday, 7th May, 2021, to address his #iGiveUp series of posts. There has been more misconception about the tagline; and details of his outburst. He feels it deem necessary to speak to the matter proper; so we move.

At 5pm, we shall participate and share to you every tiny detail Scott and His team share with us.

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