Phiiphi Franklin out with ‘Aba pa’


Rev. Minister, Songwriter and Gospel artist, Phiiphi Franklin (formerly Ben Essel) has released a thought provoking song titled, ‘Aba Pa’ (Good Seed) off his upcoming EP.

On the motivation behind this song, he says, “people need to be reminded of the imminent return of Christ and the responsibility placed on us to live as His children.”

He stated, “It is the core responsibility of Christians to draw the attention of the world to the fact that Christ will come again, and this time He is coming to judge everyone according to how they lived on earth.”

He noted that one sure way of getting this reminder across is through music, hence the song ‘Aba Pa’.

“Our lives on this earth can be likened to a seed being sown. What we sow, we will certainly reap on that day. A Holy and Godly life will result in a harvest of eternal life, whilst a sinful lifestyle will produce a harvest of eternal destruction,” he continued.

He again stated, “God gave me this song several years ago, and the circumstances surrounding its recording and release, points to the fact that it is now time for it to be heard. It is a song in its season, considering the happenings currently in the world; morals are on the low, instability, insecurity, etc. These are all signs that the return of Christ is very near. We need this reminder now, more than ever before.”

About his upcoming EP, Rev. Phiiphi Franklin stated that it has been scheduled to be released in December this year.

The song can be downloaded, streamed or purchased on all music platforms. You can follow Phiiphi Franklin on instagram, twitter and facebook with the handle @phiiphifranklin.

Watch on YouTube, and subscribe to the channel Rev. Phiiphi Franklin.


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