Live Update: Write-up: ‘Invest in your woman’ by George Mayor Ajuruonwu


#cmMoment: Live Update

By Vivor Eric Nanayaw
Posted on Wednesday, 23rd January, 2018 | at 17:06:20 GMT

Write-up: ‘Invest in your woman’ by George Mayor Ajuruonwu

There is no beautiful garden without a committed gardener. The reason why she is beginning to look less attractive to you is because you’re allowing the weeds outgrow her roses. Pluck them off and see if she won’t match up to the other women you’re admiring.

Don’t be quiet when she’s carrying her hair undone for weeks. It should bother you if she’s been wearing those same torn shoes for months, when she visits you in those shoes uncle how do you feel escorting her to the bus? Stop by the store if she’s not smelling nice, the Nivea roll-on and body spray package is not more than two thousand naira, and encourage her to be spraying it fuuufuuufuuu with the fear of God so that it will last.

Teach her to be diligent and honest.
Teach her the principles of purpose discovery.
Teach her about investment and saving.
Teach her the importance of walking with God.
Help her develop a new skill.
Give her a helping hands when she is weary.
Not just to be doing boo and bae everywhere.
And disturbing everyone.


Posted on Wednesday, 23rd January, 2018 | at 11:06:20 GMT

FB Video: “Just do something beautiful for JESUS” – Fearnot Reggie Aboagye

I came across this message on facebook. It was shared by Fearnot Reggie Aboagye yesterday. Just listen; it shall speak to you.


Posted on Tuesday, 22nd January, 2018 | at 13:18:00 GMT

CEM initiates to cut down on extravagant weddings; offers a package at GHS1,000($204)

Until recently, people of the society are always of the perception that, it was the Church and its administration; and members of the Church who have set up high standards for weddings officiated in the church. This perception was due to the fact that, too much monies are pumped in wedding ceremonies conducted in our churches. The decor, fleets of cars, ornaments to make the bride and groom up; lol…let me pause; entertainment and refreshment alone shall take all the time I have.

I was moved; actually touched when I saw a flier on Facebook yesterday promoting a wonderful initiative by Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry. It has the caption; “Get Married with just GHS1,000”. Of course, that’s an exciting news.

It was stated that, the church is interested in encouraging many single individuals in the church to get married and cut down the cost involved. Such weddings is exclusive to members of CEM and shall take place at CEM Pastors Lounge.

The package includes; the rings for both bride and groom, 2 witnesses from both sides, a create of drink and a box of water. Food shall be served for not more than 20 guests. A maximum of 10 pictures shall be taken while the ceremony shall be covered on video by the church.


I think this is a great initiative by the church. Other churches should buy this idea; to enable more youth matured for marriage take bold steps to marry.

The flier is meant for wedding ceremony; very silent on the tradition marriage ceremony. This in no way imply it should be ignored. The church has no authority there. The church neither gives out marriage list; nor give out women for marriage. It’s the sole responsibility of the parent and/or the family.


Posted on Monday, 21st January, 2018 | at 16:33:00 GMT

Qojokay’s latest; ‘Bossu’ tops UGMB Top 10 for Week 3

Surprisingly, barely 2 to 3 days after release, ‘Bossu’ has the number 1 spot on UGMB Top 10 for Week 3.

It moved to the top spot beating ‘On Point‘ by Preachers, ‘Yes You Are The Lord‘ by Kaysi Owusu, ‘Praise Him‘ by TheWord and ‘The Hood‘ by T-Danso which placed 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd repectively.

UGMB Top 10 is run by each week; announcing the top 10 based on downloads and streams on it platforms.

This week’s countdown span between 14th and 20th January, 2019.

Find the official release and all top 10 on the image below:

Download ‘Bossu’ by Qojokay by clicking here. Enjoy!


Posted on Monday, 21st January, 2018 | at 12:07:45 GMT

Ohemaa Mercy premieres ‘Onim Me’ music video on YouTube

As announced earlier, Ohemaa Mercy has released another music video. This one; is a video for his song ‘Onim Me’ which she featured Morris Babyface.

‘Onim Me'[simply means He knows Me] is a single on Ohemaa Mercy‘s album My Set Time. The video was released on Youtube yesterday at 18:00GMT.

Kindly watch the video here:

Favor, Testify, Onyame Beye (featuring Morris Babyface) and Anoyie (featuring Nacee) are other songs on the Album. I shall keep you updated on this platform.


Posted on Monday, 21st January, 2018 | at 09:57:45 GMT

Onoja Releases Faith N Fact

Designed by: Jay’s Graphics

This is another hit tune mehn. It’s a banger; right from Nigeria. Onoja has released a straight Hip-hop tune few days ago. But hey, it’s now on Christ Meal; better late than never.

Onoja delivered ‘Faith N Fact’ together with colleagues SDR and D’Generaal in English and – I guess Hausa; elaborating why stuffs that happen to every being are either based on the faith of the individual; or an actual fact: that’s born to happen.

For more details and to download, kindly click here.


Posted on Monday, 21st January, 2018 | at 09:00:00 GMT

Happy Week Ahead

Good day family, it a new week. We thank God for keeping us safe till date.

So this is a new segment on Everyday in each week, I shall provide Live Updates on stuffs trending on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube or any other platform I shall come across.

Gracefully, I’m not alone. My princess; Vanessa is around supporting me. We shall give you our best; today and for the remaining days of the week.

Back to business; to be featured on this platform or on, kindly make sure I am following you on the various social media platforms. Tag me, or Christ Meal in all your posts. Or, just send me updates on whatsapp via +233548026541.

Nice to have you here! Much love!



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