Limoblaze Finally Retrieves His Hacked YouTube Channel


So for more than a week, Limoblaze shared this news with us. His YouTube channel was suspended due to a hack activity that was initiated on his account by unknown persons.

As to what specific activity that was performed on his channel is not known, it definitely mean is was totally forbidden; hence, the suspension.

Thereafter, Limoblaze took to social media and requested fans, families and lovers worldwide to join petition YouTube get back the channel.

At about 3pm(GMT +1) yesterday, Limoblaze was live on the suspended account to announce it has been retrieved. It was a moment of joy.

Limoblaze’s YouTube account bears the name Limoblaze. It has over 51.2 subscribers, 98 content uploads and was created way back January 8th, 2015. You might not know him; but Limoblaze is an Nigerian urban gospel artiste the world has been blessed with.


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