K. Anani goes bald 😂😂😂😂


Currently, I don’t know how to describe the season or era we find ourselves. Every day, something new; something unimaginable happens. We woke up to see images of Gospel minister K. Anani; a shocking one of course.

Anani has gone bald: he has cut every single hair on his head off completely. I think, this is to stir up the waters. Of course, everyone’s attention was caught up after he released the photos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

On Facebook, most comments as at the time this post is being written suggests, his new look “ain’t bad at all”. On Instagram, K Anani response to @style___and___grace; see screenshot.

K. Anani is no new artiste you have never heard of. His recent projects have been all over with several recognition and airplay. Not quite too long, together with Daniel Jeddman, they released Hy3 Me Ma; with a befitting video that lit up the whole industry. No wonder it has several nominations thereafter.



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