Diana Hamilton’s latest song; “W’asem” places No 1. On YouTube Trending


Could this be an answered prayer? It should be. Personally, I was worried last week. I couldn’t imagine why gospel songs are unable to trend on YouTube recently. I took time to observe the feed for YouTube trending to identify a gospel song, or even any other content that relates to the gospel industry, but couldn’t find a single one.

But today, to my surprise, I found Diana Hamilton’s latest release; W’asem, on top; at number one; just after it’s being on the YouTube for just 4 days.

It was on top, ahead of every other content you could imagine; secular, comedy skits, sport highlights; every content.

Diana Hamilton’s new release; W’asem places No. 1 on YouTube Trending.

But what could she have done right?

Probably, support from other musicians and blogs played a major role. I got to know of the release from Joe Mettle. On social media (Facebook), Joe Mettle shared the YouTube link of Diana’s song just when it was released. I followed up and got it published on this website. Seems musician Lady Prempeh also shared about it somewhere on Instagram. There could be others that I have not taken notice of. Of course, they add up to this success.

The video is classic. Content, location, concept, shots; everything was just on point. From this and other videos and performances, Diana Hamilton can be tagged as a perfectionist; always to deliver the best of best; irrespective of how much could be involve.

Did you realized the video had the lyrics transcribed in both English and French? To me, that’s the first of it’s kind. Which other video have you seen with that feature? “The message needs to get to everyone; no matter what”.

Again, acceptance of her song was overwhelming. Just when it was released, couples were dancing to it at their wedding. The video was trending on Instagram; which makes her exceptional.

Diana Hamilton won Gospel Song of the year and Gospel Artiste of the year during the last edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Even before that, ‘Mo Ne Yo’ was an anthem.

W’asem was produced by David Kyei (Kaywa), mixing & mastering at Highly Spiritual Music, at Tema. The video was shot by Flashback Media.

We need to keep her up there for long. Let’s keep watching her videos.



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