Christian Artistes Are Not Broke;… “The Take Over Has Started” – MGP


Hello fam, this is another week. Guess who we’ve got you this week. He’s MGP or you call him Machine Gun Preacher: one fast rising Nigerian based christian artist in the Urban circles. His just released an Official Music Video for his tune “Open Letter”, which speaks more of his kind of ministry. Our interaction was fun; but very revealing. Read the interview below;

Eric: Good day MGP. So grateful to have you. In brief, who is MGP?

MGP: The pleasure is mine bro…my full name is Moses Adole from Makurdi Benue state Nigeria. I am a christian rapper and also a student.

Eric: So why MGP? I understand that means Machine Gun Preacher.

MGP: Yes.. I chose the name MGP because while falling into the faith(christianity) and been a rapper, I had this urge to preach the truth through my music even if may hurt a lot of people.

Eric: That’s wonderful. But how did you get yourself into doing Gospel music? I don’t know if you also started earlier with secular tunes.

MGP: Lol.. actually I started with secular but it wasn’t professional.Getting to record songs just for you and your folks to listen and give credit to it. That was all. Until I got saved and I met someone(Danny D2) who told me about using my gifts to praise GOD.
He also gave me a lot of songs to listen to that built up my faith. Like lecrae’s album, triplee, Limoblaze,Spillz and other cool rappers. That was how I started.


Eric: What was your first project after you were saved and encouraged by Danny D2? And which year was that?

MGP: My 1st project was Redemption consists of 10 was put out for free download online on 27th,october,2015. It was awesome.

MGP: And also I had a a lot artist on it like Kvng Soulz, songs &tunes,Elsammy, Spillz, Limoblaze, Rexy,Max-tee, Lil mizzy and Yungechow. All Nigerian based.

Eric: Wonderful. It seems Christ Meal had the opportunity to publish it on our website. It’s obvious you have great relations with other artists. How did you do that?

MGP: The fact is I really don’t know.. let’s just say the Lord has his way of doing things…yeah.

Eric: Sure; let’s say the Lord….
Which Church do you belong to?

MGP: Shelter of Glory.

Eric: How have you been received by the Church with the kind of ministry to partake. Preaching in Rap…Any supports received?

MGP: Yea.. they actually support my style of music.. I also get slots for ministrations too.

Eric: That’s great to hear. Meaning you have had some ministrations and performances. Apart from Shelter of Glory, have you mounted any platform else where?

MGP: Yes..alot.. I have lost count of the stages I have been on…it’s been GOD all the way.


Eric: Glory…We need to be encouraged by one of your greatest story and testimony. In brief sir.

MGP: Lol.. uhm.. One of my greatest testimonies is getting to know Jesus..Trust me; it’s awesome… Another testimony is about someone who called to tell me how my songs has changed his life. He told me he was a cultist in his city but my song helped him find the right path(saved). And up till now, I still don’t know who that dude is, but the Lord has won his life and I’m happy about that. Most people say Christian artists stay broke because they can’t sell their Jesus music to the world and they can’t gain airplays. Huh am sorry to burst your bubbles but I have been paid 20large for a 16(freestyle) and there still more to come.

Eric: But is it now true, most secular artists are marketing their music so well, widely spreading their message across, and that, they are gaining much attention than the Gospel artists?

MGP: Yea it’s the fact…like I earlier said, Gospel music has been segregated around the world. They hardly gain air plays on commercial radio stations, TV stations and other media platforms. But the good news is the “TAKE OVER” has started. In my city the gospel lads has taken over. A journey of a thousand mile starts with a step. And so in dew time, we gonn take over the whole nation down to the continent and of the world also.

Eric: How do you get the content of your music? Do people write for you to sing?

MGP: No; not at all. I write all my songs my self. Most of my inspiration comes from the current happenings around me, chats with fellow artists, listening to other songs, and also, from GOD’S word #TheBible.

Eric: People argue; most of the Gospel Rap songs doesn’t make sense. It’s not even Godly. The artistes only talk about what they have, and argue that they are the best and so on. I don’t know; how different is your music? Does those arguments even hold water?

MGP: I always speak biblical truth in my songs. In as much as I try to make it appealing and worth hearing to the people on the streets(drug dealers, cultists, hookers; just to mention a few), it still carries the message of Christ in it. I can’t really tell how it has been out there in Ghana but here in my country, it’s almost impossible for a street bread to give attention to worship songs and other forms of ministrations. So we try to give it to them in a manner they could accommodate….and also to those people who is gat their pens up to mark Christian rappers who talk about what they me *its GODLY to testify about the goodness of the lord on your songs.

Eric: Actually, Christian Hip Hop or Urban Gospel is almost same everywhere. It’s a different genre from the formal worship; hence highlighted in specific joints. The issue is more about the content. Some artists even go like ‘I’m the best rapper; the rest come no where close’. I don’t agree that’s testifying the goodness of the Lord.

MGP: Yeah I can agree with you on that.

Eric: I also agree with you on the exceptions. Actually, at large, the genre is on course. I also agree it doesn’t come by magic. It’s more of hard work. What difficulties come your way when working on songs/project?

MGP: Basically, eeeehm; finance has been one of the core challenge. The thought of it alone is a sort of discouragement but with a high level of determination and passion for my art, I keep steady on my grind.

Eric: Determination is the word. Your message is appealing to the people on streets…What signal will testify you have accomplished your assigned mission?

MGP: As funny as it may sound, this mission till death for me. So permit me to say that, my mission will be accomplished the day I leave the battle field…yeah.

Eric: That’s wonderful…Back to your music, any pending projects?

MGP: Yeah… for now I have decided to take a new phase in the industry. I will be putting out more of video works than the normal mp3 for the time been. And my debut album will definitely be out next year by GOD’S grace. So we working really hard down here to make it work.

Eric: Wowww…we would definitely look out for your videos. Aside God and Christ, who else do you look up to; who inspires you?

MGP: In terms of music I look up to folks like Lacrae, cannon, and Andy mineo.

Eric: Grateful to know this. Before I take leave of you, any message for your fans; or people of this world at large?

MGP: To all my fans, I wanna say a big thank you to ya all…for the love and support ya all have shown the boy, I really appreciate it. And I wanna say this consistency pays in what ever you do.

And also make the creator your top priority. And uhhhmm yeah..don’t forget to remember to pray for me cus I need them..GOD bless you.

Eric: Any shouts to any persons; groups?

MGP: Yeah..1st of all I wanna give S/O to Christ Meal for putting me on this. And so to ma folks around here Limoblaze, Spillz, Lil-mizzy, Nowizo, Allnyt, Kvng Souls..just to mention a few. S/O to Johnicks studio villa, clean sounds of clay. And of course I can’t forget ma home gurl(my mum). As far as I could tell, she’s ma number one fan lol..

And to ma fans all over the world, I love ya all.. GOD bless you.


Eric: On behalf of the whole Christ Meal family, I’m so grateful for the time spent to have this done. We are very happy to have you; we would also look out for your videos and throw out all our support.

Having you mean so much to us… That’s our ministry. We are hoping to do more projects together; for Christ sake.

MGP: Yea we sure will fam.