BREAKING: “Bibles Up Records” Releases New Album ‘X’ From Preachers Ahead of Schedule


Today, we have all be surprised with the ‘X’ Album by Preachers. For all we all knew, countdown began yesterday; and earlier today, we were very sure we had 6 days to the release of the ‘X’ Album. It was shared on the social media handles of the music group; so there was no doubt about that.

But to everyone’s surprise, heads at ‘Bibles Up Records’ decided to quickly let go the album; to which they explain to be as a result of “high demand” by the fans and the general public; hence, “Christmas had to come early”.

Below is a screenshot of the notice we had on Instagram:

Screenshot: Notice about the release of ‘X’ Abum via Instagram(@preachersgh)

The Album is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and various digital distribution platforms. At this moment, it’s time to show them love and your dedication to God’s ministry by making a purchase of the album.

In our next post, we shall make the purchase links available to you; so you buy as soon as possible.



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