One of many curses of modern civilization is that mother who gave birth to such sufferings suffered so much that now she has started neglecting. His disrespect is rising.  Attraction of luxury has only started to disregard mother’s form and worship of her romantic and desirable form. It can also be said that today’s human peace has disappeared in desert debris. Disappointment, unrest, dissatisfaction, discord and bitterness, coupled with social life, also spread se evils. It is a bitter truth that not be grateful to mother, she never consider society as its own.  Person with tendency of such selfishness and stigma can deceive anyone, deceive m.  Basic question is not view of behavior. If people begin to build recognition, and probability of loss increases a lot. This is what is visible today.  Absence of gratitude is only in barbarians and vicious animals. It is a sin of social life that makes life worth living. Ungratefulness towards mother is not beneficial in any form, where it is personal or social. This will not spoil any of motherhood; it will be enjoying feeling of belonging to your emotions, only man will harm himself like his own ax.


Ideas of softness and purity towards mother are expressed in every Caste, every culture. In Roman Catholic religion, worship of Jesus as Madonna and son is worshiped, it should be said to be word of intense love of mother and mother. Motherhood is legally so respected in Libya that her importance is expressed by her. Brutal men from brutal also come to mother and experience peace in a burning mood for a few moments. If woman is called a substitute of price hierarchy, re will be no exaggeration. This is his innate rite. That is why he remains a child of affection and reverence from childhood. If he gets self-esteem, n he can glorify society coming from his penance. In childhood, father, elder brother’s affection, enters work of house after giving affection, in household life, he is on throne of sacrifice. Meditation, service of house, husband’s affection – process of converting as he does, some or creature of universe probably does. As a mother, she is real image of emotions. So much sacrifice not be done except for divine power. To express gratitude to her, Indian culture gave her place of God and female form of God is worshiped as mother. It was honored in form of ubiquitous and world worship. That is how glory of Mother Nature is expressed.


Until blessing of Mother, this country was dominant nation, but now its entire country of collapse has gone into pit of darkness. Now that we have stood up for progress, it is imperative to take blessings of mother. Without it, one step not move forward. Even if you increase, you will be able to keep progress stable, it will be only a parent.


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