Often distorted women think of taking up their beauty with the help of this texture to get some extent to the beauty. They get nothing in it, nothing is there. Money and time are lost only, fools, ridiculous and even fools. The praise came back to bring ridicule. In a satirical form, a prankster would probably appreciate that decoration on his face. These paradoxes are not created willingly by trapping them in the strange illusion of a delusional mind. They search for some inverted paths of converting gratitude into satisfaction. One of these is also an erotic decoration, otherwise the person’s personality is clean, civilized and simple, with the simplicity remains connected. There is a direct hindrance of discretion and quirky beauty, where one will be one, the other will have to flee from there.


The lack of memory is said to be more often in women, mental impairment, impotence, stubbornness, doubtful adherence, shortsightedness, restlessness, etc. If this is true then it can only be said that this is the response to their internal suffocation, otherwise, in the mental text, they do not keep coming back from men. Examinations of school-colleges can be presented in its proof. Boys and boys less fail. Good divisions come from the girls. They do not even have the stereotype of getting stuck with knives and passing them on the strength of the imitation. On the basis of its innate talent and natural labor, it keeps getting close to good numbers. In other areas, whenever women get the opportunity, they have always shown their intellectual intensity. They are weak in body terms and have not been mentally backward. Conditions have made them miserable. Today, they are not only weak and sick but also suffer from the misery of mental illness and mental illness.


It is necessary to recover them from this situation otherwise they will remain a ghost only for the family, instead of making significant contributions to the society. The sick person is unhappy with his unemployment, pain meditation therapy, etc. and makes his relatives grieve. Physical and mental disorders of the woman, in every sense, will only present sad results for every region.


Politically, a dependent country is not only financially exploited but also crippled with cultural, mental, charitable and intellectual vision. In the same way, a socially viable woman has also lost her own brightness and utility. The fact should be understood and its root should be cut, rather than breaking the leaves of the poison. A woman should get opportunity to grow in every field and every possible effort should be made to eradicate her backwardness. As a kidnapper, the man’s fault is more. Therefore, it should come forward with a view of atonement, purification, resistance. The person who gives the injury should also be compensated and should be ready to gear up quickly to wash the blotter quickly by trying hard to compensate.


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