One of main reasons that women’s environment affects environment is that male members are mostly outdoors. If elderly or disabled are also living in house, they can not affect atmosphere in same way as woman, because of characteristics of softness, condolences, compassion, affection and affection among women, they often lack in men and Due to these characteristics, women are more closely related to members of house and keep them trained in unknowingly basic living values. There is no limit to tenderness, kindness in women. If a member of a household is in a bad state, even then mother, elder sister, Kaki etc. forgive him. In addition, he easily takes any hardship to put it in desired framework.


History is a famous example that Shiva father, Muslim, used to work in court of king and considered his lien. But lady wanted to develop her son as a freedom fighter. For this, he used all necessary vigilances and shielding Shiva with same structure, protecting him from influence of his husband. It is surprising that father whose bread is eaten, whose gratefulness and expecting to be like him from Sun also, son develops in opposite direction, he will become a different man than father, but this wonder mother Give importance of this is not unnatural.


Role of women is not only of children but in whole family building, there is a thousand times more important than men. That is why importance of women with importance of family organization is uniquely linked. It should be kept in mind that woman has been addressed due to honorable adjectives of homemaker and because in it nature has kept potential of divine virtues filled with abundance in terms of morally strong and nature. Nectar of sweetness and harmony flows in it. With help of this love, women strengthen foundation of family members and strengthen foundation of family organization.


It will not be said that happiness of family happiness is only affection, cooperation and goodwill she has in her life. This is creation of a heavenly environment in house and housewife creates this atmosphere because controller of its internal system is same and hence responsibility of maintaining a cultured atmosphere in family is also same. Keep in mind convenience of each other, respect each other, cooperate with each other and make affection, harmony and generous behavior, it is necessary for well-to-do families, and women are more efficiently Can do it.


It is necessary for women to have their own behavior at same level. Love of affection for little ones, affection and affection should be treated with affection and affection towards elders. At same time, discretion should also be done. Women’s emotional and emotional needs and responsibilities related to creation of family members can be accomplished so easily by their responsibility, displaced family organization has got its lost beauty again. In this way they can become Goddess in true sense of society by becoming a family pivot.


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