In comparison to the female man, the poor who are being physically weak, are living in weakness, this is not a natural situation. Women in Western countries are equally men in health, in every field. It is a disadvantage of India that has denied women rights to human rights. As a result, the situation which arose, she ate the health of women. It can be explained to the fate, the blame of God by blaming God, but in reality, it is the evil of man and the ill-effects of atrocities. Who suffers crying, groans, and screaming woman, but the man not be happier than this situation. It also does not have the opportunity to take some advantage. The absorbent is erased and the absorber does not allow breathing of the law of law as well. Making women unwell and calling them chief, what are you experiencing in this situation? The cries of the crying will end up giving them some pain. Empathy has ended, even then annoyance and annoyance will continue to torment. He will not leave the chase.


Like physical health, women have to be deprived of mental health as well. The one who has no wish, ambition, desire, choice, who has to disobey him without knowing the right and wrong till the day of death, it is worth to think of building his future. In the development of talented personality, freedom is important, the ambition of ambition is to be a major contributor to the situation. If you do not get any kind of flora and fauna, the burning prospects also get destroyed. There is no opportunity for women to be able to use it without the will of the owners, regardless of God-given talent. Desire is, after all, something happens to everyone. When they do not have the right to make them fruitful, the anxiety of the aspirations and the ashes will be filled with the perfumed of suffocation in the region.


The prohibition on foot-foot, at the moment, the fate of which is written in destiny, can only keep tears of misfortune. It would have been nice if the woman had been a neutral machine. Being a savory creature, there is also the mind of his own self and some wishes of personal interest too. By nature they want an opportunity to expand, split, flourish, but where is the scope for women without right? Twenty-four hours, he has to kill his mind and look at the wicked who do not die, instead of being a rebellious rebel, he creates various kinds of misfortune. These can be seen in the form of psychiatrists, psychologists.


There are three-quarters females and one-fourth of the patients with antelope, hysteria. Various types of fad, irritability, perseverance, grief, disillusionment, apprehension, accusations, such as mental distortions surround them. Eccentric, stubborn, disorganized, unwise, stupid, selfish, etc. do not know how many faults are imposed on them. Which are fine too many of them are frustrated, anxious, fearful, fearless, fearful, unbelievers. Satisfactory grin will rarely be seen playing every watch on someone’s face. This habit that was in childhood also ended when it came to the house.


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