Due to this being not understood properly, body was considered more competent and strong in terms of body. Perhaps a person evaluating competence on this shallow basis must have addressed women with address of lonely. Whereas fact is that in view of external strength, man can be seen as strong, in terms of internal biographical power, females are much more capable. Soil vision gives priority to body force, whereas lasting strength, health and well-being of health center, is present life-force within.


Physiologists have considered him as powerful in right sense, within which there is abundance of this inner power. Being strong with body is one thing, and having power of life is second most important thing. It is not necessary that person who is strong from body is also rich in power of life. On contrary, it is not necessary that a person having a biopic could be more fit than body.

After a lot of research, physicists have reached conclusion that women’s immune system is more powerful than men. According to him, reason for this is that a specific type of protein found in blood, which is known as ‘hemoglobin’. In women’s body, it is more than men. This is a big powerful component for body protection. That is why they are seen to spend a more healthy, happier daily routine than men.


This fact has been confirmed by American medical scientists that heart attack is seen to be more common in men’s category. In their view, more than 440 million people in United States of America have some kind of heart or blood vessel. Only one answer is given to inquire more about them, that environment and circumstances are guilty for it. Whereas reality is not same. root cause is rooted in physical-mental structure.


One important thing in relation to women can be said to be special sympathy for nature, it is ‘hormone named estrogen’. In this form, he has got such a weapon that is capable of getting relief from any kind of heart disease. This is reason why women have ability to bear any kind of physical hardship rather than men. In such a state, their heartbeat becomes intense, whereas there is no special difference in heartbeat of women, nor is there a high amount of secretion of ‘adrenaline’ hormone called stimulating stimulants. This is one of main reasons for low heart attack compared to men. Conclusions drawn by them put more light on related topics. Some of actions of male are controlled by left hemisphere of brain and some southern hemispheres. There is no adjustment between two, as much as in females. In women, control mechanism is divided equally in both hemispheres. Extreme culmination of this equilibrium in men is shown at serious brain injuries. With his colleagues, Dr Jasmine saw in many cases that most of men lose their ability to speak in left brain and when they are damaged, and if right side is hurt, ability to see is destroyed, while in women it is often less. Above scientists are said to be brain due to difference between two.

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