While expanding my duty in the outside world, I do not forget my house. They are the sheltered land of my father, husband, brother, and son. They will not get my coconut shade here, then where will they find rest? Their entire existence is unmatched in my lap. This is the reason why my workplace is vast from their workplace. The man did not do the work that I can do unintentionally, in the absence of man, the world can run, but in my absence, it becomes fixed, nothing remains but even after all.

I read, to teach the children, to give comfort to the husband’s tired mind. My knowledge is to spread the light of discrimination in human life. I learn to play the song – not to satisfy the greed of amateurs, to make the male heart soft and to bring it to perfection, to stimulate the beauty of the man. I do not dance myself, but I dance to the world.

I learn – to teach. I have a birthright in the field of education. I do not create slaves. I reveal the ideal, I am creating human, the great man. Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda, all are mine.

I am great Kali, to kill the hypocrites. I am a fierce goddess, toward women power in the world. I am the goddess of prosperity to make the world beautiful. I am the goddess of knowledge- for the distribution of education in the world. I am the dust – by virtue of tolerance I am the sky – by being a shelter of everyone I am the wind – the life of every living being and the water is the one who lasts all – by having others make themselves. I am light – due to light and I am clay – because I am a mother

There is no difference of opinion about my religion. My religion is femininity, motherhood I do not have any sign of caste discrimination. The whole nation is my caste.

I know to be the smallest but I am very proud. Devil trembles from my fear. Even if I find what I want, then my world is famous.

Man is sensual, so he calls me as a comedian after assuming his own identity. The man is weak, easily divides, this tells me the door. I will tolerate all because I know to endure. I will make a man by adopting man in the lap. I dirty my body with the dust of her body so that I can bear all this.

My stories are only in Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is my only song. This is the reason why none other books like them have been able to teach life science to the world and to the people of the world. I learn another language, but I speak my own language and my children, therefore, speaks the mother tongue with glory.

What have you recognized me? Do not recognize, then recognize them. I am a woman, I am coming in the 21st Century.


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