Ask scientists before deciding so quickly, what do they say? According to scientists, looking at bone of dead body can be easily tested, because nature of nature has left it in their texture. Female bones are smaller, smooth, and simpler than men. height of head is low, lower jaw is light, tooth is small, chin high, chest between chest (sternum) small and teddy, thorax thin, bone cage of woman can be identified by looking at deep spine groups. Length is also lower than male. Bones of forehead are relatively less strong and less difficult. Palm of eyes is elliptical, depth is less, bone wall of thorax spreads more than male. Below throat, there are two bones in two sides of thorax. ! They are also relatively slim and tedious.


Hands of women are smaller than male, but index finger is small and thumb is small. Treaties are small. Spinal cord is usually 2 feet 4 inches, whereas average woman is found only 2 feet. Females have a cavity of 90-100, whereas males 70-75 are found only. Bone is 47-3 and female is 41-3. Leg bone is 78-5 for men and 67-8 for women. Legs are a little smaller. Middle finger of foot is definitely small and straight. Stomach disorders are so high that fetus will be able to live properly.


In female muscles, amount of water is high. This gives them charm of tenderness. Cerebral substance is found to be 49 ounces of male and 44 ounces of females. There is an average of eight and eight drama in small mind male and one hundred and eight drama of women. Heart is 10 to 12 o’clock in men and 8 to 10 ounces of women. Weight of lung is found to be 1400 grams of male and 1260 grams of females. Kidneys range from 4 to 6 o’clock in men and 4 to 5 in women. Male urine tube is 8 to 9 inches long and females a half inch.


Diet relatively lowers them. Body heat is higher than male. Neural pulse is 70 for men and 80 for women. 15 people of breath and 15 of women walk. Muscular weight is 400 in men and 350 in females. They also dream more. Effect of female puberty on upper side is more on thyroid glands. Its pubic organs develop rapidly. ‘Tendency’ of woman on development of this lithium is very much undecided. In healthy men blood is weighing 1060 and in women it is 1050. Blood donation is found to be 50 hundred thousand in average men and 45 hundred thousand in women. Vowel is bigger and stronger than men, feminine is small and soft. This slightly difference in size of body may have become cause of male’s seniority. But what is standard of seniority actually? If you find answers in this depth of question, scientific findings from most fact, evidence and research studies go in favor of women and prove their superiority. According to scientists, physical defect in physical form is due to specific responsibility of women being born. Hundred will also be kept in seniority status.



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