It was too late for the man in front of the mirror. Do not know what this mirror is telling him, or he himself is looking for something in this glass piece. Ginger red sari, black bangles full of hands, gold ornaments distancing their aura in limbs, making a red line in the head, Vermilion was identifying his bride as his bride. Filled with precious accessories, the room was enough to testify to being superb. The book, adorned with curry in her closet as her personal fortune, was told that there is the habitation of Education too.


He was sad despite wealth-richness interest. Eyelids were burdened by the weight of sorrow. The skew lines that emerged at the mouth had a clear line of sadness. The heart of the human being in the mirror. Movements in any intense dimensions, hurdles of emotion, do not stay without emerging. Spontaneously he shrank the lips the scales of the forehead were scattered and some words slipped out, ‘Beauty’, which is said to be ‘beautiful’? I do not know who he had asked this question?


If it does not look as if its nostrils are not sculpted then it not be said ugly. The blind, the lame, the deaf, is not it, is it? What is the beauty of beauty, the whiteness of the skin? The charming move, the most intimate eyes, the decorated marble body, which burn many in its flames. Corrupting his character thinking with his or her expressions, or the set of qualities of personality, the character is characterized by high human qualities, and is the result of the greatness of life, due to its vastness, many lives develop. There are two answers to this question, those who are echoing in the environment since time immemorial – one has to choose one.


She stood up with a start. Desperation rise deep Thinking – There were not enough days to get married. Her husband’s hearing of this behavior, taunts, of sarcasm, was heard – hearing her existence has been squeezed. If he does not have money to provoke lust, then what is his fault in it? In the promotion of qualities, he has been trying since childhood. His move with restlessness began to set the distance of the room’s walls. The stream of thought flows. Jasmine can create momentary attraction in the two lives, but where is the bond of relations without merit? Even without the brightness of the character, the relation between the two is still alive? Jasmine was less near Cleopatra, whose form was mixed in the joints of fire, mixed with Egypt and Rome, the cigar called World width was burnt like a moth.


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