A Sufi saint became disillusioned with the world, he renounced the house and Brahma became absorbed in worship. Roaming crying in the memory of her son, the mother of saint lost her eyes. When the saint heard this, he was very sad. He said – The peace of human life is kept at the feet of the mother. I was so unfortunate that it came out to find him. Saint returned home and spent the rest of his life in the service of the mother, motherhood.


Every person who came into the world is more than a mother and no debtor. Others expect, but they do ebb. By the juice of his compassion, affection, affection and caring, man becomes the person to be called a human. Ram was seated on the throne of his kingdom. The people of the state used to make their spy revolutions to know that there was no pain or suffering of any kind, and every day informed Ram all the information. One day a detective told Lord Ram an incident that showed the true womanhood of motherhood.


A mother was breastfeeding her son. The child’s mind was in the trunk, so he repeatedly took away the face from the breast. Mother always puts her breast in the mouth and every time the child expresses the same dislike. Enraptured mother then addressed the child and said – My red! We both of you are born in a state of ram, where every person is free from ignorance, incompetence, and lack. There is no rebirth in this state. Every creature here is freed from the movement of the world cycle. Again, do not I have to be born as a mother, nor you as my son. Your desire to feed and fill your food cannot be incomplete. So you drink my sweet milk and drink it.

The feeling of giving intelligence gives a sense of humor, and the Lord starts to feel compassion from the eyes of Lord Ram. This anecdote of Mother’s Mother brings a tide of emotions in the harsh hardened heart.

Mother is the replica of omnipresent power. The narrow castes of the country caste have never been able to stop their humility.

The prestige of this great glorious mother is the true reputation of humanity. Mothers’ rites are spread all over the various forms of women. Our duty to safeguard their purity, the honor of motherhood and the value of their benefactions should not fall asleep. The mother’s debt should be repaid from today. So even if she can die, she is so infinite, she is so infinite, so eternal.

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