Professor Peer Henry, a renowned psychiatrist of Albert University in Canada, is a deeply observant of physical, mental and emotional characteristics of a man and woman. Only fact from tests conducted in them is that aggressive and violent instincts of women do not flare up due to gradual and balanced development of right-left part of brain. Due to both being equally controlled, they are mentally healthy and stress free. Only right part of male has been found to be more active, due to which it appears to be extremely uncomfortable to complete any task and presenting evidence of its masculinity instantly. His control on left side of brain remains low. While ability to affect decency and social trends in speech is more in this part.


According to a psychiatrist of American National Institute of Mental Health, due to same controlling ability of right and left hemisphere of brain, ability to make adjustments to conditions in females is about five times higher than men. Intensive talent is also found in women. Women also find solutions to problems more quickly than men. Unbalanced psychoanalysts are more troubling to men. Biggest proof of this is that ratio of male mental patients is four times as compared to females in world.


For this reason scientists have declared that being female is biggest contribution of nature. According to Dr. David and another scientist at University of royal, having X chromosomes in women is a natural gift. They say that they are under age because of having ‘Y’ chromosomes in men. X chromosome is more powerful than Y. That is why women have maximum resistance to disease resistance. This is reason that in modern world, there are different cultures, behavior, lifestyle and diseases in different countries, but one thing is similar in all countries that women live more than men. Number of women over eighty years is almost two times number of men.


According to report of ‘World Health Organization’, ratio of boys in general is higher than girls in world. But in a few days many of them die. This ratio of death is higher than boys in boys. According to a study, India alone produces 100 girls against average of 140 boys. After 15-16, this difference becomes 100-100. That means 33 to 35 percent of boys die after age of 15-16. It is also evident that in women, immune system is more powerful than men.


Regardless of emotional attributes of a woman with physical, mental superiority, there is little to be praised. Various types of medicinal remedies for internal sensitivity are received, they are born in it. In what words should emotional characteristics of mother, who gives her childhood to infant, be sacrificed on a grin of baby who sheds her puberty and gives her everything? Woman is unmatched in sacrificial sacrifices of every kind. From point of view of wealth, then women go behind hundreds of miles behind. All these facts make it clear in one voice, women are better than men. There is no doubt that social progress will be better in same leadership. Future of its domination and leadership will be welfare in every way.

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