As a result of this trend most of male-seal this breeding season for three months-till end of season, is lost in scriptures, and there is no balance in them. This is due to continuous sexual awareness of male and animal towards female. In contrast, there is no unnecessary attraction towards female in animals having a common co-life tendency. In reproduction season only females are attracted to special ones. rest of time they live in condition of sexist companionship.


Power of elephants and intelligence is well known. But leader of elephants from this inequality tendency has to spend his power and most of time in unnecessary struggles.


Elephants live in groups. Group-hero is master of all handlooms in his group. If any other member of group performs or performs any work with any handicap, then chief is attacked or defeated or defeated, tortured, humiliated by seeing him.


Any young powerful elephant ever excites head by making such an effort and defeats him in war, then he becomes master of all handmade groups and gang leader. Defeated hero often gets insane and becomes dangerous too.


Unlimited steps of sexuality are considered to be symbolic of death in form of death .There is a paradox in it. Idea is absolutely false that their co-religionist is influenced by those who take extreme sexuality, but truth is that they start to hate vomit. Where will such hatred occur, where will there be goodwill? When a woman sees that her body is being unnecessarily misused for her fulfillment, she starts attacking instead of adopting husband-godliness. Such attacks are only malignant of males, and according to formula ‘Death’ loss’, eccentricity is said to be a messenger of death.


Male-scorpion dances along with her beloved. Hours Sometimes they move fast, they always move back. When tired and tired, they both relax together. But female scorpion sometimes eats male in excitement.


Sex drive of ‘frog-fish’ is also such a priceless one. Female frog-fish keeps roaming. Mum man is lame and impatient just like most men. As soon as they reach female they get excited, whereas female does not have anything like that. Flesh appearing in aggrieved male females rapidly grows in body. Just, then this stomach gets stuck. Because this tissue never gets out of that meat. Some people do their best to get rid of their tooth after they are gone.-Often. But failed aspirations remain same. Food and drink how many days will live in end, it is broken.


Wherever in zodiac, destruction of cause of restraint and violent encroachment can be seen as well. Good man would also consider this destructive and agree to adopt restraint.

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