Humans are a very flexible creature in natural form, according to the environment? His attributes go downhill. That’s why small children are said to be like clay ladders, whose responsibility to fabricate primarily on mother is that they conform to their expressions and thoughts? It can shape the environment and training in personality development of a human being. classical similarity of animals and birds, symmetry is never found in it. In person, there are various variations and differences of qualities, deeds, nature. man without training is lying in a situation like a wolf and a chimpanzee. For them, non-stop training centers are able to do the same day and night only, the families running in the form of women can do the same.


In the accepted world in the western world, only the limited aspects of human life can be satisfied, because it has given priority to the wife’s wife as well. This is the reason that the arrangement of water from the other forms of the woman remains uninterrupted by the thousands of colors of sensations, thousands of layers of human beings in the world are lying in the Western family system, without sun and desolation. The rainbow shadows of emotional sensations never emerge there. Mother father, deep devotion towards elderly, unique love of brother siblings, spiritual power and intimate affection The colorful landscape, multicolored, multi-dimensional, light-hearted emotions of sister-in-law-, nephews, etc. are unknown to them, unknown to them. Nothing in world is so monogamous, limited and narrow, as much as the senses associated with family system that recognizes the woman as a wife.


Every area in this universe is diverse. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, trees, fruits, flowers, light, shadows, clouds are found in all thousand colors of colors, thousands of such scenes. Humans are the beloved son of nature. His thinking and the power of the experience world is even more elaborate and ingenious. Then, in the name of family sensation, it is familiar to two such kinds of sensations, male sex, sexual passion, love for children, general formalism towards the elderly, in the name of the family, does not suit them according to his vast personality. From beginning, if only such a limited relationship and emotional color are known to him, then it will only bring one’s personality in his personality.

Undoubtedly, the extraordinary talent is developed, the especially sensitive person develops the perimeter of the subject of non-family training till the universe, but the average public is usually filled with echoes of trained sensitization. It is not a coincidence that at the time the sensitivity of women was expressing all their forms as a joint family, at that time the average citizens of this country also had the qualities of practical bondage, affinity, friendship, and socialism. Which are heard in loudly in the forums and seminars in the modern civilized era of the West? In practical life, it is the superiority of isolation, misery, frustration, loneliness.

That is why it is the fundamental basis of the development of various values ​​and the development of life values, and the direct connection of multicolored sensing sources, which emerge from the legal forms of women in family life. Where the neglect of this basic premise starts, the value of this system starts diminishing, it is virtually a part of the life philosophy of man, where this life of intimacy and love is not visible. It would also be difficult to maintain this system’s sustainability. When the foundation starts moving, how long can the upper repairs work?


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